In addition to our 5-min video on choosing a genetic genealogy test, here are some links which will help keep you up to date with the latest information.

The number of people tested

A laboratory keeps the nationality and origins of the people it tests secret, in order to compete with other laboratories. Our experience and information sharing with other genetic genealogy associations are the only sources for the claims in the above video.

For the number of people tested, the figures come from official announcements made by the Genetic Genealogy Laboratories at Rootstech (February 2020).

List of the ethno-geographic areas of each laboratory





These laboratories make regular updates, so check the updated list using the links listed above before purchasing your genetic genealogy test.

The good news is that the updates are free. Once you've done your genetic genealogy test, you'll see your ethnicity results honed as updates are made.

In summary

If you do a DNA test out of curiosity, buy the cheapest one.

If you're looking for ethnic information, choose the most up-to-date geographic reference panel using the links above.

If you're looking for your biological family, do them all. By waiting for promotions and setting up a transfer strategy, you will pay a little less.

If you are looking for genetic cousins in a specific country, choose the laboratory with the most nationals of that country.

If you don't know which lab is best, log on to forums to discuss it.

Either way, choosing the right test and laboratory will be determined by your objectives. The best DNA test is the one that meets your goals.