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Entretien avec Evelyne Heyer le 29 octobre sur la page Facebook de DNA PASS

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Evelyne Heyer is a genetic anthropology professor at the French national museum of natural history, where she leads researchs ont genetic evolution et diversity of our specie. Her laboratory is located at the Musée de l’Homme where she manages a research team in evolutionary anthropology She also leads researchs in central Asia, central Africa and has published more than 100 scientifics articles.

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Fact checking

Analyse et rectification des articles parus dans la presse

Face aux trop nombreuses erreurs et fausses affirmations relevées dans la presse

Our analysis of the last press articles.

Généalogistes, pourquoi faire un test ADN

Série d'articles sur l'apport unique et inestimable des tests de généalogie génétique à la pratique de la généalogie classique

The posts which inform you on DNA tests uses for genealogy.

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Cell and DNA, how does it work ?

« Today, thanks to advances in genetic genealogy, I decided to do a DNA test to find out the geographic origins of my ancestors. But also to discover possible family links with other people from here and elsewhere ... But how do cell and DNA [...]

Ancient DNA by David Reich

This book is indispensable. A hugely successful best-seller the other side of the Atlantic, it was released in 2018 in the United States under the title Who We Are and How We Got Here. Translated into French in November 2019 under the title Comment nous [...]

Comparison of the 4 genetic genealogy laboratories

Several DNA tests exist, the most used and known in genetic genealogy being the autosomal test. This DNA test is used to determine ethnic origins and identify genetic cousins in the laboratory database. Four major laboratories specializing in genetic genealogy now share the market. Comparison [...]

Article La Nouvelle République, March 2020

La Nouvelle République, March 2020. Article on the reliability of DNA testing. Click on the image to read the article in its entirety. DNA testing, a genealogical tool Called "recreational" by their opponents, mistakenly confused with medical tests, genetic genealogy tests open up [...]

What's the best DNA test?

In addition to our 5-min video on choosing a genetic genealogy test, here are some links which will help keep you up to date with the latest information. The number of people tested A laboratory keeps the nationality and origins of the [...]

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Légalisation des tests génétiques en France

Protéger ces données sensibles grâce à la loi française

L'association oeuvre pour que les tests génétiques soient légalisés en France, comme dans les autres pays de l'Union européenne

Droit aux origines

Pour tous, dont notamment les Adoptés et Nés sous X

Articles, formations, forums… et bénévoles spécialisés aidant à identifier les parents biologiques

DNA Detective


Utiliser la génétique pour revisiter l'Histoire

Charlemagne, ancêtre de tous les européens -- Notre premier documentaire phare pour identifier les descendants génétiques de Charlemagne dans toute l'Europe

Une génétique européenne

Communauté de généalogistes génétiques européens

Oeuvrer à réunir tous nos cousins européens avec qui nous partageons des liens de parentés archéologiques et généalogiques


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