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Genealogists, why do a genetic test?

It may seem unnecessary to do a genetic test, even though you have been studying your genealogy for many years. And yet you have forgotten an important element: this genealogy is declarative. Does it reflect reality? Evocation of 20 cases that make your genealogy not match reality.

Transfer your data to Myheritage.com

Update: Since the beginning of April 2018, MyHeritage has agreed to send DNA kits to France. French genetic genealogists cannot transfer their genetic data to MyHeritage.com. At least that's what they think. I'll reveal a trick that allows you to transfer your data. Shhh, it's a secret. Myheritage.com screenshot: [...]

Transfer DNA data to genetic genealogy labs for free

You have done a DNA test in a genetic genealogy laboratory (FamilyTree DNA, 23andMe, Ancestry.com, LivingDNA, MyHeritage, Igenea, 24genetics...). However, you only have access to the database of people who have been tested by the same laboratory. Your goal is to find as many genetic cousins as possible. Do [...]

Ethnicity results on 24Genetics

24Genetics proposes DNA sequencing that is particularly strong on ethnic origins. So I had to test it. So, I transferred my data from 23andMe (they also accept FamilyTree DNA data) and paid the 49 euros requested by the site. A week later I received a detailed report, presented below. Who [...]

Family Tree DNA

Founded in 1999, with 850,000 profiles, Family Tree DNA offers the largest number of different DNA tests for genealogical purposes. Depending on the type of research you do, including the Y chromosome, this lab offers you the widest range of options.


Created in 2003, MyHeritage incorporated DNA testing in 2016. This high-investment start-up has embarked on a wide-scale global acquisitions of national genealogical companies.

Autosomal test

Features Genealogical test Transmitted by father and mother Discovering ethnic origins Helps find family members (called genetic cousins) See Ethnic Genealogy and Genetic Genealogy Laboratories Family Tree DNA 23andMe Ancestry Myheritage

Legalisation of DNA testing in France

In 2018, genetic testing for ethnic and genealogical purposes was carried out massively in France. MyHeritage's commercial offensive through bloggers, influencers, and television and social media advertising has paid off. It is estimated that there are now one million French people, possibly many more, whose genetic information is held in [...]

The disturbing genetic studies of MyHeritage

Under the pretext of carrying out scientific studies, foreign genetic genealogy laboratories like MyHeritage collect personal information. This has worrying implications. Beneath its playful and innocuous veneer, you are participating in the creation of a company shaped by our genetic heritage. Here is a look back at MyHeritage's astonishing and [...]

My opinion on MyHeritage's DNA test

After eleven years of genetic genealogy and as many genetic tests, I went straight to MyHeritage, the leader in DNA testing in France, when, in 2016, this start-up launched its first genetic tests. Their publicity is excellent, but dishonest. As for their results, they are inaccurate and incomplete. The following [...]

Genetic genealogy

A new discipline that emerged in the year 2000 thanks to the democratisation of genetic testing, genetic genealogy incites interest, fascination, and sometimes anxiety and controversy. What does it have to do with classical genealogy? How is it organised? What exactly is genetic genealogy? Here is a definition: How is [...]

A genetic genealogy test is not a medical genetic test

Following the publication of the report of the Senate hearing on legalising genetic genealogy tests, in which the French Federation of Genealogy, DNA PASS and the companies Filae and Geneanet participated, here is the first part of the argument I prepared. A genetic genealogy test is not a medical genetic [...]

Geneanet embarks on DNA analysis

After the ban on DNA testing for genealogy purposes was maintained in France, Filae and Geneanet, the two main French players in genealogy, seemed to be excluded from this genetic market. So I was surprised to receive an email from Geneanet asking me to participate in the beta-test launch of [...]

Why France maintains a ban on genetic genealogy tests

The Senate Bioethics Committee voted to introduce a new article into the Bioethics Act authorising, and providing a legal framework for, genetic genealogy tests. The government's opposition to it was voiced by Agnes Buzyn, Health Minister at the time. The Republicans (LR) group in the Senate supported The Republic on [...]

What's the best DNA test?

In addition to our 5-min video on choosing a genetic genealogy test, here are some links which will help keep you up to date with the latest information. The number of people tested A laboratory keeps the nationality and origins of the people it tests secret, in [...]

Article La Nouvelle République, March 2020

La Nouvelle République, March 2020. Article on the reliability of DNA testing. Click on the image to read the article in its entirety. DNA testing, a genealogical tool Called "recreational" by their opponents, mistakenly confused with medical tests, genetic genealogy tests open up new perspectives for genealogists. Practiced [...]

Comparison of the 4 genetic genealogy laboratories

Several DNA tests exist, the most used and known in genetic genealogy being the autosomal test. This DNA test is used to determine ethnic origins and identify genetic cousins in the laboratory database. Four major laboratories specializing in genetic genealogy now share the market. Comparison of the autosomal DNA test [...]

Ancient DNA by David Reich

This book is indispensable. A hugely successful best-seller the other side of the Atlantic, it was released in 2018 in the United States under the title Who We Are and How We Got Here. Translated into French in November 2019 under the title Comment nous sommes devenus ce que nous [...]

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