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Family Tree DNA offers the largest number of different DNA tests for genealogical purposes. Depending on the type of research you do, notably on the Y chromosome, this lab offers you the widest range of options.

If you use or intend to use Family Tree DNA, when comparing your results to those of your genetic cousins you will see their kit numbers appear with different prefixes. These prefixes are determined by the origin of the DNA test kit. Many of these companies are affiliated with FTDNA, such as iGenéa. Others have since disappeared or changed their name.

Find out what they mean:

  • A – from African DNA. Created by Henry Louis Gates Jr., a professor at Harvard University, this project was subcontracted to FTDNA to encourage African-Americans to have their DNA tested via a 25-marker Y chromosome test coupled with a mitochondrial test. Company no longer exists.
  • AM – Test ordered on Amazon.com
  • B – Autosomal test or Y chromosome test results transferred from another laboratory (for example, AncestryDNA, 23andMe…)
  • DC – Test conducted via DNADTC (now run by Gene by Gene)
  • E – Switzerland (iGenea)
  • H – Test carried out by DNAHeritage and transferred to FTDNA
  • I – Brazil (Origem Judaica) (Minhas Raizes, Israeli company)
  • J – Japan (Rocus, Inc.)
  • JT – Jet
  • K – Kazakhstan (Shejire DNA)
  • LNLifenome
  • M – United Arab Emirates (Eastern Biotech)
  • MHMyHeritage (new tests ordered directly from My Heritage remain on that site, data is not imported on FTDNA)
  • N – Test conducted with the National Geographic Genographic Project (V1) and transferred to FTDNA
  • P – Pakistan
  • SBSilverberry Genomix
  • T – Libya DNA Center
  • U – United Kingdom (DNA World Wide)
  • V – Jewish Voice Ministries
  • W – Turkey (DNA Turkiye)
  • WL – Test ordered on Walmart.com
  • Y – Japan (Akira Yamakazi via DNA JAPAN)
  • Z – Brazil (Genera)

Since November 2017:

  • MK – Multi Kit: a test ordered from the FTDNA website at the same time as other kits, and sent to the United States
  • IN – International – a single test ordered from the FTDNA website and sent internationally
  • MI – Multi Kit International – a test ordered from the FTDNA website along with other kits, and sent internationally