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Geneanet embarks on DNA analysis


After the ban on DNA testing for genealogy purposes was maintained in France, Filae and Geneanet, the two main French players in genealogy, seemed to be excluded from this genetic market. So I was surprised to receive an email from Geneanet asking me to participate in the beta-test launch of [...]

My opinion on MyHeritage's DNA test


After eleven years of genetic genealogy and as many genetic tests, I went straight to MyHeritage, the leader in DNA testing in France, when, in 2016, this start-up launched its first genetic tests. Their publicity is excellent, but dishonest. As for their results, they are inaccurate and incomplete. The following [...]

The disturbing genetic studies of MyHeritage


Under the pretext of carrying out scientific studies, foreign genetic genealogy laboratories like MyHeritage collect personal information. This has worrying implications. Beneath its playful and innocuous veneer, you are participating in the creation of a company shaped by our genetic heritage. Here is a look back at MyHeritage's astonishing and [...]

Family Tree DNA


Founded in 1999, with 850,000 profiles, Family Tree DNA offers the largest number of different DNA tests for genealogical purposes. Depending on the type of research you do, including the Y chromosome, this lab offers you the widest range of options.

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